Härnösands konsthall, 2017

Eight composers and artists are making a rework on Härnösand's art and antiquity treasure, the Qvist Collection, in the exhibition "Artscapes" at Härnösands Konsthall.

My focus was on the workers who's blood and sweat built the fortune that the siblings Nils and Elna Qvist spent on art and craft. My inspiration to this work is Nils Qvist's autograph book, in which he collected names of the elite artists, writers and thinkers of his time. I'm on the other hand collecting the names of workers at Strömnäs sawmill, owned by the Qvist family.

The question I want to ask is: who's name is worth saving in a golden book?

Video interview with me on my work with the exhibition

Review in Volym art journal

Review in local paper Allehanda


With Hanna Persson

Exhibited at The Nordic Centre, Näsåker 2015

The exhibition Ångermanland was a collaboration between me and photographer Hanna Persson. We share a deep love and concern for our habitat, the landscape that surrounds us. Ångermanland is located in the middle of Sweden, but is generally considered the north. Facing population degrowth and other consequences of centralization, our home is depleted but it still possesses a magical beauty.

I got the chance to paint some paintigs that I had been thinking about for a long time. I call the series The rock throwers. Rocks can be thrown at play and in rage. Here in Ångermanland you can throw a rock but no one gives a shit. 

Review in local journal Allehanda


(The bully's prayer)

Exhibited at Galleri Andra våningen, Järnsta 2014

I was invited by Järnsta kulturförening to make an exhibit on the theme School.

It became very personal for me when I started to go through old catalogs, journals

and boxes in search of memories. Turned out there where not many nice ones.

This work is about trying to get some relief from all the harmful words

spoken and heard. Making use of typical school objects, such as overhead projectors,

a claustrophobic, dark and hot space is created in the small gallery. A tiny voice reads

the prayer over and over, accompanied by the hammering rythm of a dystopian

diaframe slideshow.

Review (in swedish)

Filmed view of the installation


With Elin Kristoffersson

Performed at Adress Metropol 2014

(Härnösand's performance festival)

The work is inspired by Emma Goldman's essay Prisons: A Social Crime and Failure and our own fascination with claustrophobic and displaced room. The work is also based on our desire to portray the experience of powerlessness and confinement. Regardless of the degree of suppression, these feelings are probably shared by all humans at some point.

Surrounded by three walls, behind a grid of wires, in the light of a single bulb, is a human. The person outside creates squeaks, rythms and noises on the grid while the trapped body explores captivity.

Video recording of the performance


Ljudkonst i Villan, Hola folkhögskola 2014

The set for this show was a dark and damp cellar, once used for hanging laundry. Rumor said that a man also had hung himself here. This was my exam project for the sound art class I took at Hola Folkhögskola.

The sound is derived from metal threads in the ceiling. Picked up by piezo microphones, the sounds are also pitched down and looped. Another hidden mic is using the sound input values to mix between two videos, recorded in the same room. Pure data is doing the job.

Video recording from the room

Bald chick talking about the project


(Separate works)

Exhibited at Y-salongen, Länsmuseet Murberget 2013

The mixed media painting 12 lies is the result of a project I worked on during my basic art school year: drawig one self-portrait each day. During that year it became more and more clear to me that both the image of the face and the face itself are mirages that have little to do with who you are at your core. It was selected for the regional art salon 2013 and became my little debut.

The short film Throat piece was also selected for the salon. It consists of the sound of a very slowed-down melodica, which when listened to in headphones makes your throat vibrate. The moving images are designed to enhance the meditative feeling.

Review (in swedish)

The film Throat piece